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Poker Tips – Bankroll Management

January 2, 2013

Managing Bankrolls is Required for Poker Success

Learning how to play poker is only half the battle. You also need to learn how to manage your bankroll appropriately. There can be a lot of consequences for not building a bankroll and managing it effectively. People can lose it all easily and make betting decisions that are riskier than they believed them to be, initially.

Being conservative in your bankroll approach will provide long term positive results for your poker games. People are less likely to lose their entire bankrolls when they are conservative and play logically. When you are aware of bankroll management techniques, you have a better view of the risk that is being taken and you are less likely to have to take a stake in a game that will not pay off for you. You are able to make better decisions while playing if you have a conservative bankroll approach.

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Conservative bankroll management is different for each player. It all depends on things like goals for the future, desired stake levels, current skill level and win statistics, and how much you need to be profiting from playing poker.

Poker is partly a game of chance and has a large amount of variance. The variance is the difference between the highs and lows. There are many resources online that can help to determine what level of bankroll you need to maintain based on the buy in of the game. These are often guidelines and need to be altered based on information that is specific to the player. You need to manage the bankroll, so you always have enough to cover the variances of the game. Players that make poker a career are able to manage their bankroll effectively, so they do not lose large sums of money on average hands and have the cash flow for staying in a hand that is likely to pay off big.


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