Video Poker Strategy

Advanced Video Poker Strategy

August 1, 2014

Contrary to what people think, video poker is not merely about luck – it is a game of skill. You have to combine mathematical knowledge and a solid playing strategy to be able to beat the system. This does not ‘guarantee’ victory, but it can help provide you with the best possible odds. Below you will find an advanced video poker strategy that works.

Each machine has a “pay schedule” in front of it. Here you can find the information you need, but one specific piece of information is vitally important: how does the machine pay out for a flush versus a Full House?

Any advanced players understand that a ‘Jacks-or-better’ machine is beatable with the right poker strategy. This machine is classified as a 9/6 machine, paying 6: 1 for every flush and 1 for every full house out of all 9 paying coins.

Jacks-or-Better video poker strategy
If you want to be able to beat the machine, there are a few situations where you have to remember to make specific exchanges. These are the strategies to remember:

• If you have a Jack, (unless you are already holding a winning hand) reject all cards only keeping the Jack. Only keep if you have a Royal Flush, three to Straight Flush, four to a Flush, and four to an open-ended Straight.
• If you hold a single Jack or above, reject all other cards save for the single high card, and redraw.
• If you hold one pair lower than Jacks, reject all other cards and keep the pair – unless you are a holding four to a Flush or four to a Straight.
• If you have a hand with two pair, keep both and reject the odd-card
• If you have a three-of-a-kind, keep it and reject the other two cards.
• If you have four to a Straight, keep all of the four Straight cards and redraw. The only exception is if the hand is holding a Jack and the Straight draw is NOT open-ended
• If you have four to a Flush, keep all of the four Flush cards and redraw. The only exception is if you could draw the Royal Flush
• If you have a four-of-a-kind, hold everything because a 1-card draw will not improve your odds
• If you hold three to a Royal Flush, discard all other cards and go for the Royal Flush. Unless you are already holding a Straight Flush.

It is important that you play and practice these strategies, that is the only way they are ever going to become second nature to you. You might even want to print it out and use it to play online video poker. Learn the strategy and start to win big. To find out more details about poker and video poker strategies, make sure you visit

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