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Most popular video poker games

January 1, 2014

Online casinos offer a large variety of video poker games. The majority of these are 52-card deck games, and many of these games are played similarly. Your options include deal, re-deal, hold, and gamble. Some games auto hold the cards for you. You will want to play a game that gives as close to 100% payback as possible, but you have to play with the best strategy to do this with the best online casino. You can get familiar with those by checking For the time being, here are some of the most popular video poker games.

Deuces Wild: it uses a normal 52-card deck and all 2 cards are “wild cards.” Because there’s an added bonus of wild cards, to win you need a minimum hand of three.

Jacks or Better: if you’re new to video poker, this is a good game to start with because it’s an easy game with good pay, and the lowest hand that pays is a pair of Jacks or better.

Joker’s Wild: a normal 52-card deck is used and a joker is added, which can be replaced for any card in the deck. You can also use the wild joker to make five of a kind. When you draw a hand with a joker in it, the game will discover the best hand. Because of the joker added, you will have to make a two pair or more to win.

King of the Decks: this games uses a 52-card deck too but five of them. You can win a progressive jackpot if you get clubs or five of a kind. Because there’s a bonus of a bigger number of pairs, your minimum hand to win is two pair.

There are many video poker games with different payouts and interesting themes. If you want to win, don’t get distracted by the themes, but take a close look at the payout offered.

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