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The Best Texas Hold’em Strategy You Can Get

May 1, 2014

Every typical Texas Hold’em poker player with a genuine passion for the game wants to thrive. To make that happen you have to read the other players at the table and ascertain when they’re bluffing and when they’re not. Everyone has their own strategy, and to make sure that yours is the best you may just have to risk it all. Knowing the ins and outs of the game also helps. Basic strategies, general rules, and common tricks should also be included in your repertoire.

Simple things you have to remember

You may think these two fundamental facts are silly, but let’s not forget that poker is also a matter of pure luck. Sometimes, not always; when players are overly excited they forget the basics and they make mistakes. So here’s what you must always remember:

  • The 2 cards you have in your hand – those two cards set you apart from the other players
  • The other face-up cards – community cards shared to every player (including you); use them wisely in combination with your 2 cards to win

Experts at have been trying for decades to settle on a poker strategy and name that specific strategy THE best. Truth be told, there’s no such thing as a supreme strategy in Texas Hold’em Poker, and that’s because YOU (the player) make the game, not the other way round. You can easily have AA, hit all-in without seeing the flop and lose.

Evaluate your cards

A first glimpse at those 2 cards can say a lot. Your facial expressions should be properly hidden, so take a deep breath and don’t squint. Be emotionless! Playing for real money can only be fruitful when your 2 cards are above 10. Pairs of 55 and 66 are ok too, but not if someone else raises without even seeing the flop. They could easily have higher pairs.

We mentioned there’s no supreme strategy in Texas Hold’em, and yet there is a way to be one step ahead of your opponents when you’re the BIG BLIND and nobody else raises before it’s your turn to speak. Basically, you can easily have 23, hit stay, see the flop – A45 – and boom, there’s your straight. But let’s face it, that’s just pure luck.

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