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Video Poker and Slot Machines

September 5, 2013

Video poker is one of the most popular games in casinos, and is based off of a standard five card hand of draw poker displayed on a video screen. While there are a few similarities between a game of video poker and slot machines, playing video poker involves a much higher degree of strategy than slot machines or other video slot games. This may be a turn off to some beginners, but skilled players will enjoy having more control over their winnings.

videopoker-da-barVideo poker games were introduced in the mid to late 70’s, and since the 1980s have been among the most widely used games at any casino. Las Vegas casinos are especially known for their video poker machines. Not only do video poker games offer a higher degree of interaction compared to slot machines, but many players prefer the privacy of a video screen opposed to playing poker at a table with a dealer and several other players. With video poker, players get the best of both worlds: the strategy of poker and the one on one experience of a slot machine.

If you have grown tired of slot machines and are looking to try your hand at a round of video poker, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Many casinos offer video lottery terminals, often marked VLT, which are machines that appear to be poker themed but in actuality are random draw games requiring no more skill than slot machines.

If you are tired of the repetitive, chance based play of the slots, try video poker. The game comes in several variations, including Deuces Wild (where 2’s are wild), double or triple pay schedule modification (where a hand of aces can yield huge bonuses) and multi-play poker, where the player draws a base hand and then continues to draw from several decks while holding the base hand. With multiple variations on these types of games, there is a video poker game for everyone.

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