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Video Poker Myths

February 1, 2014

Several myths have been doing the rounds about video poker ever since it came on to the scene. Some players actually believe these myths, leading them to become widespread. If you want to be successful at video poker, you have to be able to tell between myths and genuine strategies. Make sure you also check reviews and good sites that offer video poker games such as bestonlinecasino.bet. Here are some common video poker myths debunked:

The Machine Owes a Big Payout

This is perhaps the most famous of all video poker myths. There are times when a certain machine hasn’t given a big payout in some time. The players start believing that the machine will give one in the near future so they continue playing despite being on a losing streak. However, the machine doesn’t ‘owe’ a payout ever, regardless of how long the losing streak has been going on.

Always Bet the Maximum

This is another prevalent myth that you should bet the maximum amount to improve your odds of winning. The only thing you can achieve with this is that your budget will run out quicker. The more hands you play, the better your chances of winning are. If you use up the maximum limit on each hand, your credits will run out sooner.

Right Time to ‘Deal’ or ‘Draw’

This one has to be the most absurd of all myths about video poker. Some players believe that after a specific time, pressing ‘draw’ or ‘deal’ will allow them to win the game. Believe it or not, some players actually time the game to ensure they get the timing right. Of course, this is just hearsay.

Higher Odds on Weekends & Holidays

There is a theory that since most casinos are packed to the hilt on weekends and holidays, they increase the house odds on video poker machines. No evidence or proof has been provided to suggest that this can be the case. If anything, casinos should lower the odds to ensure maximum people play and win.

These are some common video poker myths you should know better than to believe.

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