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Jokers Are Wild in Joker Poker Level up Poker!

August 7, 2013


Joker Poker Level up Poker is one of the most innovative and exciting new video poker games to hit the casinos in some time. Video poker games have been popular since the 1980s, and with the explosion in nationally televised poker events, video poker machines are occupying more than 50% of the floor space reserved for slot games. Joker Poker Level up Poker will not just capitalize on this popularity, but will advance player interest with some of the most thrilling mechanics video poker has ever seen.

Unlike traditional video poker setups, Joker Poker Level up Poker features an advance to the next level system that arcade players will be familiar with. There are four different levels, each offering a chance to multiply your winnings by up to eight times. The combination of leveling up and big bonuses makes Joker Poker Level up Poker one of the most addicting and fun games at the casino.

Players can advance from one level to the next by securing a winning hand. Skill and fortune play equal part in advancing, and even the most knowledgeable poker player will be kept on their toes with addition of an extra Joker in the deck. The Joker is treated as a wild, multiplying the opportunity for a winning combination. In addition to the extra wild card, Joker Poker Level up Poker offers a Free Ride Card feature to help players jump to the next level, as well as a unique double your money Gamble feature: if the player chooses a card of higher rank than the one that has been waived, the player can earn an additional payout. With so many variables and bonus features, Joker Poker Level up Poker is destined to become a casino classic, and players will return time and again to hone their strategy and increase their winnings.

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