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Play The New Bonus Deuces Wild

June 3, 2013

Video poker games have grown in popularity ever since their introduction to American casinos nearly forty years ago. Today video poker has matched or, in many places, overtaken video slot machines on the floor of a typical casino. Not only is the element of strategy and skill attractive to many players, but so is the variety. Deuces Wild is one of the most popular variations on video poker, and Microgaming is proud to offer their newest game in that tradition, Bonus Deuces Wild.

When playing any Deuces Wild game, one can infer that 2s are wild cards and can stand in for any other card of any suit. When your final hand is dealt, the computer will automatically assign a value and suit to any 2s in your hand to give you the highest possible return. While video poker games are lauded for the skill and strategy required to win big, Bonus Deuces Wild does everything it can to make your next jackpot as big and easy as possible.

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This unique twist on traditional poker hands makes for an exciting, action packed night of fun. With essentially four Jokers in the deck, a losing hand can suddenly transform into a huge payday. Slot machine enthusiasts who have grown tired of the repetitive lever pulling and random odds can easily transition to Bonus Deuces Wild, as Microgaming’s new Viper software takes care of the computing and quickly provides players with the highest possible winnings after every hand. To further simplify and enhance the experience, Bonus Deuces Wild has been designed with an easy to understand layout and easy to read on screen graphics. Players can bet up to $25 a hand in pursuit of a huge $25,000 jackpot, not to mention the unique Gamble opportunity where an additional $3,200 can be won.

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