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The History Of Video Poker

May 6, 2018

Travel back to the history of video poker where it all began with a simple game..

At the moment video poker is the rage all over the internet, with as many different gaming companies trying so hard to make sure that they are able to introduce the video gaming platform to appeal to the interests of most of their users, and at the same time to lure more users onto their platforms. However, contrary to popular beliefs video poker is not something that started recently. Perhaps the only thing that can be attributed to recent gaming strategies involving video poker is that current technologies have just been used to perfect video poker. For more information on video poker games, visit

The idea of the personal computer was just coming to birth in the 1970s, and with it the gambling industry had come to embrace what was at that time referred to as the future of gambling. Si Redd was at the time working as a distributor for Bally, and was one of the most influential persons with respect to poker innovations in the industry at the time. He would pitch the idea of video gaming to his employers, but as luck would have it, they did not see it as a profitable venture and decided to stick with online slot games. They were not willing to take the risk with a platform that they considered alien and untested to their players. Video poker is also famous for its history in Canada, for more details check this list of the top online casinos in canada.

Redd managed to convince Bally to allow him take the patent for video poker, and within a few months he had been able to strike a deal with Fortune Coin Company, forming SIRCOMA. Together with his new found partners, they were able to mass produce video poker machines. As soon as the new game was introduced, uptake was a bit slow but it was only a matter of time before interest picked up and it became one of the most popular casino ventures ever. The earliest video poker game was Draw Poker, and it featured the lowest ever hand possible; two pairs.

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