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How to play 3 Card Poker Gold

April 1, 2014

3 Card Poker Gold is derived from the all-time favorite poker game except that it features a rather interesting turn – namely, the “pair plus” attribute. This really nice bonus deal brings an added element to the traditional card game, which already thrives for profit that is generated from casino intake and property rights. Make yourself comfortable, meet the dealer, and prepare for this one-on-one, mega fun version of the standard poker game.

A better understanding of the 3 Card Poker Gold

Let’s start with the basics. Just like in any poker game, the goal is to have the upper hand; and since you’re only battling with the dealer, all you need is to beat the house. The “pair plus” is not contingent on the dealer’s hand, while the typical “ante” part of the game is. There’s no doubt that this brand-new aspect brought to the table will make it even harder for you to pull away from an already ultra addictive card game.


Make your wager and let the games begin. Place your best and click “deal” to get your 3-card hand. Decide what you want to do next – fold or stay to keep playing. If your cards are bad and you choose “fold” your sacrifice your “ante” and any potential “pair plus” bet. However, if you want to keep playing, your “ante” will be instantly doubled and then the dealer reveals his hand.

If the dealer doesn’t have a queen or something higher, he doesn’t “qualify” and you win twice – your “ante” bet whether you had a good hand or not. If the dealer qualifies, there will be a comparison between the two hands. The better hand wins. If yours is the better hand, you get your “ante” back and some extra amount based on the bet you placed at the beginning; if on the other hand, you lose, the dealer gets the whole “ante bet”.

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