Video Poker Strategy

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

October 4, 2014

Deuces Wild Video Poker Strategy

Deuces Wild video poker is different from traditional poker in that every 2 card is going to be a wild card. While it may be a fun game to play, you need to use some strategic pointers before you start. This is especially as Deuces Wild requires a very unique set of skills for you to utilize if you are going to win.

Look At the Rules

The rules that come with a Deuces Wild video poker game can easily vary. Some games will give you a win if you have a certain number of deuces. In addition, you might have to get a three of a kind or higher in order to actually win something. The terms will vary by each machine so take a look at what’s open when you are going to play a game. You can find a guide on Video poker games with, they’ve made rules for beginners and experts.

What If the Cards Aren’t Related?

Sometimes you might get a bunch of cards that aren’t related in the least. If you cannot find a connection between your cards then you should discard all of them. This is going to happen more often in Deuces Wild because of the changes in the rules for the game.

Feel free to hold onto any deuces that you do get though. These will at least improve your chances of possibly winning something on the next draw.

Avoid Multi-Hand Games

Many places will offer multi-hand video poker games that use the Deuces Wild rules. You need to avoid playing with more than one hand at a time as the odds of getting loads of wins off of one hand can be rather lofty. In addition, you are only going to adjust your cards for only one hand when you play this game.

What If You Have a Winners the First Time?

There are some cases where you might have a winning hand on the first hand that you get. You can always hold onto that hand but you should go forward and try for a second shot if you have one or more deuces and the only thing you have come across is a three of a kind. You can feel free to hold onto the deuces at this point.

Watch For Threes of a Kind

You may also hold onto two deuces and one other card if you have a three of a kind at the start. This is optional but if you do this right then you may have a better chance at getting a four or five of a kind. If you let the three non-deuce cards go then your odds of winning will decline.

Where to Play

You can play video poker at any Microgmaing casino.

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