Video Poker Strategy

Basic Poker Strategies

June 28, 2012

One of the most overlooked aspects of free video poker is a basic poker strategy. Professional gamblers may have many advanced tactics and strategies they use but it really does pay off to revisit the basics at times. This is especially true when your advanced strategies are not working. Here is a look at three basic video poker strategies.

Play it Safe
When overconfidence penetrates the human mind, a gambler starts to make many mistakes. Although not a true strategy, it can be considered a poker strategy. One of the most basic poker strategies is to play it safe. You may not enjoy playing it safe but at least your money will remain safe.

If you are unable to win a game and are becoming confused, do not make large bets and play it safe. If you know you can’t win, do not play. You are better off taking a small loss than making a big loss. However, if you know that you will win, with a high degree of certainty, you can take a risk. Nevertheless, try to keep your bets down.

At many times, you may forget the odds in poker. You may also forget what hands are winning hands. Do not be frustrated as it is natural. When you cannot remember much, use what you remember. I you know that the biggest hand you can make is three of a kind, do not try to aim for higher, aim for three of a kind. Being realistic about your outcomes will always help you make better decisions.

Be Calm

When players do not win, they get agitated. Although understandable, gamblers should never let anger get the best of them. All they end up doing is making more mistakes and losing more money in the process. With a calm attitude, the mind becomes clear. Furthermore, players will take advantage of your anger and purposely make you make the wrong move.

In a game of free video poker, no player can really take advantage of your emotions. However, you can still ruin your own chances of winning. Many online casinos, such as Golden Tiger Casino, offer an hour of free play to new players where they keep their winnings. If you let your anger get in the way, you could risk losing free money.

Even the best poker players of the world forget their best poker strategy, even when playing free video poker. When all else fails, go back to the basics.

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