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How To Play Video Poker

July 1, 2013

Video poker games have been popular in casinos all over the world since the 1980s. Based around a game of five draw poker, video poker machines are a strategy oriented alternative to the random payout play of slot machines. Since strategy is involved, understanding how to play video poker is key for any customer looking to win big.

Play starts when the customer places an initial bet. Before placing a bet, however, players should examine the payout table on the machine. The payout table will list the various winning combinations and how big the payout is. After a bet is placed, the machine will deal a hand of five cards, and the player is given the opportunity to discard one or more in exchange for new cards from the same deck. If the hand matches any of the combinations listed on the payout table, the customer will be rewarded accordingly.

The strategy, of course, comes in understanding the odds of a standard deck of cards, knowing when to replace a card or two and when to waive a hand entirely. Winning hands are different on every machine and may vary depending on the style of the machine, but most payout tables include standard winning combinations such as a pair of jacks or higher ranked face cards, three of a kind, full house and a royal or straight flush. Certain video slot machines have specific bonuses or combinations that pay out higher than normal, and various video poker games like Deuces Wild or multi-play poker have modified rules. Whichever video poker game you end up playing, a basic knowledge of card statistics, odds and general poker play will allow customers to control their winnings much more directly than the randomized lever pulling of a slot machine while offering a similar, private gambling experience.

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